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6th October


Unemployment is a truth with many hidden aspects such as Unemployed on records, underemployed, deliberately unemployed, self-employed but not on record and many more that can be discussed. What needs to be addressed is the issue of unemployment overhyped or does the fact exist. 

We personally are not in the agreement of the abovementioned view, as per our understanding the challenge is not is job requirements and employable youth but in the way the match-making happens. The conventional methods are not proving worth in addressing the issue. 

  • Qualified youth are available 
  • The industry is always in need of manpower.
  • Skill India program is enabling the youth for better prospects 
  • Every day many startups are launched having huge requirement of manpower.
  • Experienced employees are hired by bigger companies creating opportunities for new ones to be a part. 
  • Govt programs to provide employment are taking shape.
  • Demographics are in full support to the current situation.

What more do we need : Just a small match making process that eases the work for everyone.


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