Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Kamyabii?

It’s an initiative to promote progress in the sector of recruitments and enabling large scale enrollments/employments especially in the unorganized Sector.

Q2. What is the objective?

This is specially oriented towards the un-employed or the so called under-employed category that survives in bitter conditions because of lack of opportunities and exploitation by the Employment agencies.

Q3. How does the project ensure jobs and what makes it so viable?

The project does not ensure jobs but it eases the process of job search for job aspirants. The process of match making starts with a resume building program that is done exclusively for the registered card holders. A professional resume does more than 50 % of the work of Recruitment, where as a majority of employable candidates cannot even crack the first round of the interview because of an unprofessional/underrated Resume.

Q4. How does it function? What is the Security?

This completely functions through mobile application and software driven programs for employer-employee match making and it is protected with QR Technology to ensure Data Secrecy. Its commitment is to start serving within 15 Days of the installation of the mobile application.

Q5.What is the mode of operating? How long does it take for the process to start?

The office of KAMYABII does the work of empanelling itself with the employers from all across the country through HR department team. Once a candidate is registered, the process of resume building starts, which leads to automated match making and ends with the recruitment of the candidate.

Q6. What other facilities does the Card Provide?

We believe in the famous quote by Craig Valentine “What got you here will never take you there” and understand the need of enabling our card holders for better recruitment through various Training & other related programs . Every month online & offline support sessions would help the card holders to participate and enable themselves for the upcoming skill requirements in the Industry.

Q7. What is the validity of the Card? Can multiple registrations be done per card?

The card is valid for 365 Days from the Day the registration is done. There are no limits to the number of job matches sent to the candidate, but once a vacancy is filled through the card holder, the notifications for that candidate would be blocked for three months (90 Days) from day of Recruitment.
Also one card is valid for only one candidate. Once the QR code is used, it becomes invalid and cannot be used unless the support is required because of some technical issues.
For Example. “A” gets recruited through the online process on 1st of February 2018, the notifications would stop from 2nd Feb and the next notification for jobs would be sent after 90 days i.e. on 3rd of May 2018.

Q8. Where do we get this card from?

You will get these cards from various outlets all across the city you reside in. It’s our endeavor to ensure the availability of these cards in all the corners of every city in India. If it is currently not available in your city, please fill the “SUPPLY REQUIRED” form in the website and within a couple of days an outlet shall be assigned in the particular city.

Q9. What is the difference between other websites and Kamyabii?

The prime difference is in the working of the other job portals and Kamyabii. It is intended to reach even those who have not registered themselves with any portal till now, which constitutes a major portion of the population. We have a clear vision i.e to support the industry get right employee to work and employees, the right employer to work with. Also to mention that since Kamyabii serves the employers with no consideration for lifetime and permits live access to the database (*based on the requirement). Employers are able to fetch the matched profile live and are notified whenever a match is found.

Q10. How does the cardholder get to know that a match is found for his profile?

It is important that an opportunity is notified without any wastage of time so that it can be availed by the prospect. We have the fastest procedure of notifying the prospect about the match through the mobile app & a call to detail the opportunity. Also post the confirmation from the Employer, the interview is scheduled based on the time allotted by the Employer and confirmed by the Employee.

Q11. What if the candidate is not selected by the Employer? What is the next step?

It is obvious that, one may not be able to crack every interview he/she is invited for. However Kamyabii ensures a preparation procedure pre-interview for the candidate to get ready, so that he/she is able to get through the interview process. Still if one is not able to do so, the cardholder will have to wait for other opportunities matching his/her profile. The Cardholder is consistently notified for one year (Renewal required post one year of registration) about opportunities till he/she gets a desired job..